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Cyber-Tag is a combat game and features No Pain, No Paint, and No Mess and because there are no launched projectiles the game can be played at venues where similar combat games cannot be used.

Cyber-Tag guns fire harmless coded infra red that is picked up by sensors on the player's cyber-tag gun. Players wear colour coded helmets for safety and to identify the teams in play.

Cyber-Tag guns can start a game armed with up to 9 clips of 99 rounds and 10 grenades (per clip) together with 9 lives. Firing the gun is either a single shot or if the trigger is held, rapid fire. To re-load or select the grenade facility simple buttons are provided.

The guns are equipped with both visual and sound effects. When a hit is registered the gun will display " ouch" as well as giving an audible "Aaarrhhh" The sound tells everyone within range that a player is hit. The hit player is not necessarily out of the game as they may have other lives left. The player's gun will display "dead" when all lives have been exhausted. Other sounds are grenade launching, gun firing, clip changing, etc.

The style of delivery is varied to suit the purpose of the event. It is an excellent activity for practising leadership skills, decision making, planning and communication.

Cyber-Tag can be played in woodland, buildings, and open ground with hiding places. It's great fun and guaranteed to get the adrenaline running !

Play team against team or against our own snipers and hidden centuries!