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The Laser Clay guns are converted 12 bore shot guns. They fire harmless Infra-red light at their target. The gun informs the player of hits and misses from an indicator in the first sight of the gun, before being sent to the scoreboard for all to see ! Points are then automatically awarded to the players for their results.

Various challenges can test the skills of the players. The targets, clays coming out of traditional traps, enter you vision from different areas. Crossing, Down the Line and Overhead, all of which simulate a traditional clay shoot.

This very competitive sport is the environmentally friendly version. There is no recoil on the gun, no loud explosion, and the clays do not get shattered. It takes exactly the same skill to get the kill !

Combine Duck Herding, with Falconry, Clay Shooting and Archery and you will have a very special Field Day for your corporate day or team event.