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All murders (not real ones!) are primarily fun entertaining events - not heavy sleuthing!

Each plot is unique but the same successful pattern is used to dish them up!

Your murder begins during pre-dinner drinks as suspicious characters mingle with the guests. Each guest is given a new identity in keeping with the theme of the murder as the characters introduce themselves.

When the guests are seated ready for dinner they will find a pen and notebook ready for them with a short description of the scenario on the front cover. There is also a quiz - the answers to which spell a clue - the answers are not too difficult and the actors always assist with these! There is also a limerick competition for the mischievous-minded! An introductory scenario lasting about 7-10 minutes sets the scene and the mystery begins. A murder may happen at any time!

The actors mingle amongst the guests giving clues and allowing them to be questioned - during the course of the evening further clues will arise and are circulated. Short, amusing but dramatic, scenarios occur between the courses You may even die laughing!

During coffee the would be sleuths complete their solution cards. These can be submitted individually or per team if preferred.

The denouement is then announced, with suitable limericks! - prizes/certificates are then awarded for best sleuths, worst solution, funniest limerick etc!

'Dinner at the Ritz' 1920's

'Gangsters and Moles'

'The Italian Job'

'A View to a Thrill'

'The Ello Ello Murder Mayhem'

'Sherbet Holmes Investigates'

'Ye Olde Medieval Murder'