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Samba reggae is a Brazilian percussion rhythm. Ian, the 'Mestre' (leader) will spend the early part of the session finding out who in the group has got rhythm and who needs help! Ian will achieve this by introducing a simple Brazilian rhythm to the group through hand claps then match instruments to team members.

Ian will initially coach and control the beat with the 'Mestre's' instrument which is called a Repanique, a small tight drum.

The Surdos, the big base rhythm drum, hit with soft, large drum beaters, will be given to the most reliable rhythm holders in the group. These people are the strongest link in the group. Other instruments used will be Agogo Bells, Cow Bells, Tamborims, Timbas and Ganzas (shakers).

Communicating with the group through whistles and stick signals Ian will achieve rhythm changes and sets. After an initial 'din' and a few false starts, the group cannot help but start moving with the beat and getting into the Brazilian Samba reggae rhythm.

Our experience with this workshop is that the beat is addictive and next day you find you're tapping the steering wheel to the beat all the way to work !

This is an excellent team work activity that has proved more popular than we ever imagined, and is frequently used as a closong hightlight to an event.