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“Tibetans have an age-old tradition of printing prayers from hand-carved wood blocks onto coloured squares of cotton. These flags are then strung together and hung at mountain passes, over homes and temples, or anywhere the wind will blow their prayers to the universe, to appease the local spirit powers and grant the wishes of the person who hung the flags.

It is said that hanging prayer flags is certain to yield greater peace, happiness, and health for oneself, for ones loved ones and neighbours, for strangers in the area, and even for ones enemies.”


We use the traditional screen print process as a task based on the Tibetan Prayer Flag principals.

Dependent on your teams needs, the task can be designed to reflect work-based values, beliefs or visions. It can also be adapted to support a new product or logo launch.

Working is small units, teams attend workshops to understand the technical and creative aspects of the task then design, produce and then fly flags with their image emblazoned onto the fabric.

Often, these colourful and symbolic flags have ended up being displayed back at the work place.

Similar techniques can be used to produce T shirts, Sweat Shirts or Scarves for that ‘alternative’ corporate image.