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Imagine an old railway bridge with pillars and arches, spanning a narrow gorge, and one of the arches is over a swift-moving river. Welcome to Millers Dale Bridge!

Derwent Pursuits is licensed to operate at the Millers Dale Bridge which provides one of the most spectacular abseil sites in the Peak District. This venue also fits nicely into our Environmental Policy of minimal impact. Why abseil off a natural crag, wearing it out and getting in the way of climbers ? At the bridge you can have a ball, jumping off a man-made structure, a redundant one at that, so you are now helping us re-cycle !

You can have a choice of abseiling down a pillar, so that your feet are in contact with the brickwork all the way down, or alternatively, go for the arch, which is over the River Wye. This gives you an 80 foot abseil of which 65 foot of that is free hanging, and YES, we do have a way of stopping you from getting wet at the bottom !

We have helped charities raise vast amounts of money by Charity Abseils at Millers Dale. Please contact our office to discuss how we can help your organisation's fund raising efforts.