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Derwent can provide everything from one-to-one Canoe Coaching on grade 2-3 water to an Open Canoe Wilderness Experience on the North West Coast of Scotland.

Canoeing has the ability to bring you closer to nature in many contrasting forms. In a Solo Canoe on moving water you are taking on the turbulent environment as the river descends over rocks and around fast bends. Doubled up in an Open Canoe, whilst paddling with a partner, you can glide effortlessly and silently on mirror flat water amongst the banks, reeds and rocks spotting diving Dab Chicks, wading Herons or playful Seals, obviously not all at the same place !

Canoeing is a great activity to participate in, but be prepared to get wet. Our instructors do not make anyone do a capsize drill. If you fall in - you fall in, and we will sort you out quickly and efficiently when it happens. We want you to enjoy it and not to put you off.

As part of a training task, corporate event or family activity we will give you probably the best coaching you will ever come across. This is how Pete March started Derwent Pursuits in 1987 and he still loves it !