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Archery is one of Britain's oldest target sports, a discipline that we demonstrated to the French we were very good at. In Agincourt on the 25th October, 1415 the British archers, out-numbered by 10 to 1, shot 1,000 arrows per second into the air giving the French nowhere to run.

Today, we can enjoy archery in a more leisurely manner. Archery can be used as a team skill, individual challenge or as a coaching tool and is adaptable for corporate uses, development training, and fun days.

Using modern 'recurve' bows or traditional wooden Long Bows, finger tabs and bracers, the instructor will kit you up and provide you with a bow suitable for your height and strength. It doesn't matter how strong you are, you can be as accurate as the next person.

Try your hand at Target Archery starting at 15 metres then experience Clout Archery at 100 metres, which means you will be aiming into the sky ! Alternatively, find out what it is like to be the 'hunter gatherer' in Field Archery where you shoot from mixed distances at images of traditional English quarry in the natural habitat of the country side. If you want something even more different try Archery Golf or Roving Archery. To find out what we can do with Archery in Schools click the link.

Combine Duck Herding, with Falconry, Clay Shooting and Archery and you will have a very special Field Day for your corporate day or team event.


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