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Most schools have suitable facilities for Archery Events to come to you. Our visit can be as little as two hours or a full day depending on your needs. The event may be a one-off visit or a progressive programme, as we have developed with two local schools.

At St. Peters and St. Paul school in Chesterfield, archery is a regular activity within their 'Life Skills' programme. Pupils aged from 8-11 experience responsibility, discipline and structure. Whilst learning this skill they are also discovering history, practicing maths and the origins of many English words.

With St. Anselms Preparatory School in Bakewell we have created a three-tier programme with each level feeding the next. Starting with a one-term one-session per week Introductory scheme, the pupils learn the basics and safety. Next term, they are invited back to the Intermediates and start shooting competitively against each other. Finally, this group feeds into the 'Club' archers. At this point the children are shooting well and consistently, are committed archers, often owning their own bows. With forward planning, archery can be an indoor activity during the winter months.

Archery in schools can support National Curriculum topics such as Maths, History and English. We can provide information fro teachers for use in the classroom.